Flat Earth Friends – FEFRIENDS.com


GeoShifter’s FEFRIENDS.com is now over 400 members strong and growing everyday. If you’re a flat earth enthusiast, researcher, novice, or just curious then what are you waiting for.

The website has a very simple, easy to navigate interface and unlike Facebook and YouTube it’s TROLL FREE!

Interact with like minded people from all over the plane, express your point of view, or just ask questions. Make friends, start discussions, and collaborate with others. Unlock your mind and the minds of others and discover the truths that have been hidden from us for so long by the powers that be.

I highly recommend you check them out!



FLAT EARTH BRITISH. The return of Tim Peake, Summer Solstice Special.


FLAT EARTH BRITISH.LIVE ! To take a look at the return of Tim Peake. And to enjoy the magic that is in the air ,And this time for me to have a live event present , tonight Geoshifter,,,,,Nathan Oakely 1980,,,,,Antonio Subarats,,,,,Robert Shortman,,,,Adam Doherty,,,,,,DaSkareKrow,,,,,Mr Ponco Pete,,,,,Event Skeptic (Ronnie).