Flat Earth Quotes #171

Thus, putting all theories aside, we have seen that direct experiment demonstrates the important truth, that the Earth is an extended Plane. Literally, ” Stretched out upon the waters ;” “Founded on the seas and established on the floods ;” “Standing in the water and out of the water.” How far the southern icy region extends horizontally, or how deep the waters upon and which the earth stands or is supported are questions which cannot yet be answered. In Zetetic philosophy the foundation must be well secured, progress must be made step by step, making good the ground as we proceed ; and whenever a difficulty presents itself, or evidence fails to carry us farther, we must promptly and candidly acknowledge it, and prepare for future investigation ; but never fill up the inquiry by theory and assumption. In the present instance there is no practical evidence as to the extent of the southern ice and “the great deep.” Who shall say whether the depth and extent of the “mighty waters” have a limit, or constitute the “World without end ?”

Zetetic Astronomy. Earth Not A Globe.
By Samuel Birley Rowbotham “Parallax”image

Flat Earth Quotes #170

“Grown-up people find it difficult to believe really wonderful things, unless they have what they call proof. But children will believe almost anything, and grown-ups know this. That is why they tell you that the earth is round like an orange, when you can see perfectly well that it is flat and lumpy; and why they say that the earth goes round the sun, when you can see for yourself any day that the sun gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night like a good sun as it is, and the earth knows its place, and lies as still as a mouse. Yet I daresay you believe all that about the earth and the sun, and if so you will find it quite easy to believe that before Anthea and Cyril and the others had been a week in the country they had found a fairy.”

-Edith Nesbit