Flat Earth Curvature Test – December 2016 – Help Requested


Jon McIntyre is leading a flat earth curvature experiment that will finally determine whether we live on a big ball. It will be at Antelope Island near Salt Lake City, Utah the first week of December. Everyone is invited. I’ll be donating quite a bit of money to the project. We could use help with other donations, cameramen, equipment, a boat, assembly, moral and mental support, video support (advertising), or just witnesses who want to hang out with us and have a great time. The location requires a 25-minute easy hike to a beautiful vista overlooking the Great Salt Lake.

If you don’t remember, Jon McIntyre is the one who made this video:

Jon is very smart and meticulous and has developed a plan to determine once and for all whether there’s a curvature to the earth. Essentially, we will be using large balloons across a lake at a maximum distance of 15 miles to determine whether there’s a curvature. The balloons will be positioned at 150 feet high as the curvature at 15 miles is also 150 feet high. All weather factors will be measured and considered.

Here are two diagrams describing the test:

If you want to help in any way or just want to come and have a great time with friends. Message me or email me at tabooconspiracy@gmail.com. Thank you.

SOURCE: http://www.fefriends.com/discussion.php?topic=3559