Move to associate “Flat Earthers” with “Climate Change deniers”


For the last 11 months, everyday I search Google News for “flat earth” and set the filter to the last 24 hours. And everyday I see news articles linking climate change denial to people who believe in the flat earth. So today after watching the Dan Pratt video below, I decided to Google “Climate Change” + “Flat Earth” and it came up with 4,970 results …


Here are some screen captures from only the first two pages of results

2016-04-27_111837 2016-04-27_111929 2016-04-27_112144 2016-04-27_112254

Obviously, when the truth of flat earth becomes widespread knowledge, the governments of the world will try to spin it to further their agendas. This is why they are allowing it to be released.

In the meantime, they continue referring to the shill “Flat Earth Society” as if all genuine flat earth researchers are members of it, in an attempt to discredit us and to make us all look bat-shit crazy.

And if you think Dan Pratt is exaggerating when he talks about the government planning to prosecute climate change deniers then Google “prosecute climate change deniers”

2016-04-27_114958 2016-04-27_115032 2016-04-27_115111