2015-12-31_151228A man who for more than fifty years tried to prove that the earth was flat, has just died at Bath (England). He was William Edgell, aged 73 years, who when 20 took an oath to his dying father that he would prove the theory on which he had worked ever since. To study the night skies Mr. Edgell never went to bed, but slept in a chair,He erected in his garden a steel tube through which he could watch the ‘Pole Star, and he evolved the theory of a fiat basin-shaped earth with the sun moving north and south across it. He contended that the Pole Star was only 5,000 miles away, and that the sun was no more than 10 miles in diameter. M. Edgell invented a free-wheel for bicycles, an automatic weighing machine and an airless tyre.

SOURCE: Geraldton Guardian and Express (WA, Australia) Saturday 15 June 1935


A FLAT EARTH? – Newspaper Article – 1939

afe1We received recently from America an appeal, for support for the “American Society of Flat Earth Bellievers.” We will admit, as the Americans would say, this is a new one on us. We were not altogether surprised, for it is amazing how many societies there are which can live upon the credulity of the human being, judging him in the mass. No doubt many societies perform a useful service, but we do find it hard to realise that, a society of flat earth believers can get away with it. Another society we hear from in America regularly is one for re storing Edward Windsor to the throne of England. The lady who is the secretary of this organisation has a particularly high-sounding name and probably she thinks it is sufficient justification for her to believe she has a right to look after Edward and his future, and, incidentally, to look after the British Empire, too. Every school boy knows, to quote Macaulay, that the earth is a ball and that we remain on it thanks to the force of gravity.’ The same school boy, if he lives near the seaside, has seen for himself the steamer disappearing over the horizon; first the hull, next the mast, and finally all that is left of the vessel is a trace of smoke in the heavens above. The only reason for that is that the water which ought to be flat according to our ordinary notion of things is not flat, but curved. We know, too, that if we start from Sydney and travel east, and keep on travelling east we will, provided we overcome all the physical difficulties in the way, rough seas and dry deserts, come back to the same spot whence we started out. Aero planes have gone round the world, ships have gone round the world, setting out on the assumption that the earth is round and things have just turned out as they expected because the navigators knew the earth was round. All of us have seen the shadow of the earth thrown on the moon by the sun during periods of eclipse. We have seen its circular edge gradually impinge on the moon until the whole of the earth’s shadow is there before our eyes. Scientists have calculated things so nicely that they can tell when to expect the shadow to start its journey across the moon. They have done all these things on the basis of knowing that the earth and most other stars are round the exceptions being those that are not yet really stars or have broken up into pieces, . Despite all these things, there are people able to make a living out of other people who want to go on believing that the earth is flat. It is little wonder that men of knowledge at times despair of humanity.

SOURCE: Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW, Australia) Thursday 27 July 1939


FLAT EARTH THEORISTS – Newspaper Article – 1905



Speaking recently In London, at Exeter Hall, on ” Is Water Level or Convex ?” Dr, De Evans (vice-president of the Universal Zetetic Society) said that if we lived on ‘ a globe 25,000 miles in circumference the declivity of the first mile would be 7.8, which every man knew was not a fact. If there was a curvature in the SUEZ Canal, then the Red Sea end of it would be one mile 270ft. below that of the Port Said end, which was manifestly impossible. On the other hand tho earth as seen from a balloon was shaped like a saucer.’ Lady Blount occupied the chair, and the proceedings were opened by a prayer that the Almighty ‘would open the eyes of men” to the truth which the Zetetic Society was trying to teach.

SOURCE: Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW, Australia) -Thursday 27 July 1905


Flat Earth Newspaper Article – 1906


He has issued a pamphlet entitled ‘The Earth a Plane,’ and his name is John Edward Quinlan, ‘ commissioned land surveyor of St, Lucia and St. Vincent. British West Indies.’ Mr Quinlan deals with the ‘Globites’ very drastically, His explanation of the proof that the world is round, found in the fact that the hull of a ship disappears first from view owing to the convexity of the earth, while the masts as the higher part remain in view after the hull has disappeared, is :-It is all due to ‘evaporation,’ He says :-It is clearly owing on my truly level ocean to the evaporation of the water, as this causes the atmosphere that is nearest the water to be most clouded, There are many miles of level water between the ship and the observer when the hull has just disappeared from view on a clear day, and there are several miles of level water beyond the ship. The evaporation that goes on between the ships and the observer obscures from view that part of the ship that is nearest the water first.

SOURCE: Liverpool Herald 24th November 1906 (NSW, Australia).