Welcome to the What Happened On The Flat Earth This Week website.
Our mission is to promote flat earth and the flat earth community, to present our
readers with accurate, up to date Flat Earth information, and to educate and awaken
those who still believe in the globe Earth model.
At What Happened On The Flat Earth This Week we believe that the Bible is 100%
correct and can be taken literally. And the Bible literally describes a flat, stationary
circular Earth on pillars covered with a firmament, under which the Sun, Moon, stars,
and wandering stars (planets) rotate.
If you research flat earth with an open mind and look at the overwhelming evidence
you will see that the globe Earth model pushed by NASA and scientism is completely
ridiculous and absolutely impossible.
We've all been under mind control by the globalists since we were born. It's now time
to break free of that mind control and to wake up to the true nature of the world
around us.
The “What Happened On The Flat
Earth This Week?” blog brings you
the latest news, information, videos
and interviews concerning the flat
earth, and showcases the best of
what the “Flat Earth Community” has
to offer.

It also provides our readers with links
to mainstream media stories that we
consider “Flat Earth” related, and
helps to debunk the latest “globalist”
propaganda put out by NASA and
“the powers that be” .
Post articles and videos, swap
information, discuss, debate, and
keep up to date with what's going on
in the Flat Earth community. Forums
include General Flat  Earth, Maps &
Resources, Memes, Flat Earth Links,
General Conspiracy, Flat Earth
Experiments, Flat Earth For Kids and
Flat Earth Music.
Parts of this website are still under construction,
We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.
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